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$2,850     Document the wedding day (no editing)

This covers everything from preparations before the ceremony to all the festivities throughout the day.There is no editing of the raw footage (rest assured, I do not waste video unnecessarily. It may even seem like it's edited when you view it). I am on site for 9 hours and I generally wind up with an average of nearly 4 hours of quality video.

All the material is transferred to DVDs, with menus and chapters. I also adjust for improved quality of image and audio. All shooting and editing is digital.

$3,800     Edited wedding (approx. 60 minutes)

This is editing without those cheesy effects. It is a documentary of the day, in a cinematic and emotional form, sensitive to the fact that this may become your memory of the day for decades to come. I only use the natural sounds in my editing, unless you request otherwise, so its a real as it was.

Previous to editing, you will receive a DVD copy of all the raw footage for review. As an option, you can select moments that you feel are important to include, as well as which should not. I offer this, as things resonate for you that would not for me, not knowing your friends and family. This insures that family and friends, whom I do not know, are included in the edited version, and the most definitive edit can be insured.

You receive three copies of the edited version on a DVD plus one copy of the entire footage on DVD (as in the first option).


The packages above are the most popular options. Your wedding and your needs could be very different, or your budget is limited. Please inquire so I can tailor make a package specifically for you.