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Woojin & Bruce

From the beginning, Alan seemed to clearly understand what we were hoping to achieve in the video and what not to miss. During the actual day he virtually disappeared, yet the video seemed to capture all the right moments to present the essence of the wedding, especially the sentiment and joy of the occasion. The finished product helped us transcend language differences to share our happiness with family thousands of miles away. We recommend him highly.

Kathy & Jonathan

We barely noticed Alan's presence the night of our wedding making it almost impossible to imagine how it is he documented the evening so thoroughly and captured so many hidden moments! In fact, the only thing conspicuous about Alan is his expertise. He guided us through the editing process with ease and helped us create a wedding video that was uniquely tailored to our wishes."


Meg and David

My husband and I did not want a 'typical' wedding video--we wanted something truly creative and 'us' and Alan Roth fit the bill. He made himself completely available when you needed him and invisible when you didn't. The quality of the video is fantastic--both the raw footage and final edit.
During the editing process he let us do completely what we wanted and offered suggestions when we needed help. During the actual day Alan was calm, responsible, everywhere at once, and somehow got not only all the important moments, but wonderful little detailed moments that were priceless. It was exactly what we wanted, and came out more like a documentary than a typical wedding video. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Laura and Derek

Alan made sure that his presence at our wedding and reception was completely unobtrusive, while still managing to capture all the great moments of the day. He coordinated his work well with our photographer, which helped make both our video and photographs turn out great.

Alison and Jim

While some time has past since our wedding at The New York Botanical Garden, the memories are still vivid. In part, I attribute that to the fact that it was our wedding day, but I also attribute it to the wonderful video that we have documenting the day from start to finish. You created the perfect remembrance of the most special day of our lives, and what made the video so perfect for us were a number of things.
First, you were a pleasure to work with from the time we met you. Upon meeting you, you gave us a sense of confidence that you would listen to and execute our wishes – those were to capture the day as it unfolded and to be as unobtrusive as possible. There is certainly plenty of anxiety in planning a wedding, but we are happy to say that, thanks to you, videoing the day did not contribute to it. In addition, on the wedding day itself, I found you to be a very calming influence, particularly when I was having my portraits taken and feeling a bit anxious prior to the ceremony. Thank you for that!
Secondly, you filmed our wedding in a manner that was exactly what we had hope for – professional, understated and unobtrusive. We were absolutely thrilled that you were able to capture so many special moments that we would otherwise have missed or forgotten. What was so extraordinary was that it appeared that you and the video went unnoticed while you were filming. I still marvel at the fact that I had no idea where you were when you were filming the ceremony – and later learned that you were actually somewhere in front of us! And what pleased us even more was that you were able to accomplish all this without the use of any camera lights.
We cannot thank you enough for documenting what will forever be some of the most precious moments of our lives.

Jeff and Doris (parents)

Jeff and I finally sat down and watched the wedding video. it was great and brought it all rushing back. We really appreciate your working with us. Seriously, we thought the quality and content were terrific and really appreciate your work. Thanks again!


Subject: May 28th wedding - we loved the video!
Hi Alan!
I just wanted to tell you that we absolutely love the video! You are very good at what you do!
Many thanks!

Yulia and Dan

We were so fortunate to find Alan to film our wedding day. Friends have seen our wedding video and remarked that it looked like the work of a professional documentary filmmaker-- and we get to tell them "yes it was." We could not recommend Alan more highly.

Ori and Judy

Subject: awesome
This weekend we had a full video screening with my brother and sister-in-law and ate every second up. We were so pleased, in fact, that Judy’s sister will likely hire you for her wedding (this July) and I promise to sing the praises of videography to all who are about to marry.


Lynn - mother of the bride

Sasha and Steve showed us all of the footage from the wedding, and it's just wonderful. As you may know we were unsure about doing video,as we worried that it would be intrusive or make people self consious. You really have a sensitive way though, and caught so many funny and touching candid moments. We are all so glad to have this. The wedding day is kind of a beautiful, happy blur---it went much too fast andwe were all a bit worn by the nerves and the work leading up to it. And we all felt that we couldn't be as many places as we wanted, the whole thing was so spread out between the lawn, the pool, the field, the tent, the beach and the house (in Nantucket).

Although you seemed to have been just about every place! So I just want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation meanwhile for the fine job you did. Your filming will give us pleasure and rekindle memories for many years.....

Andrea and Costas

Thanks again for the amazing job!


Steve (parent)

I wanted to tell you how sensational the video came out. Amazing and when we are back we will have you over if you like, to show you some of the "movie" from the rehearsal and wedding etc...I would highly recommend him as i did you for any video work. He is a top professional and by the way, he shoots in HD, if the client wants.